Hello! My name is Gail Lowe and I am a Massage Therapist with over 30 years experience. I came into massage from a psychiatric and general nursing background and I have earned an excellent reputation and built a very successful career working very closely with GP’s, Consultants and other health professionals initially in Barnstaple and now in Exeter.

Since moving here, I have focused on teaching diploma courses and I run my own private school for training therapists, although I have maintained a small clientele and feel it is important for me to continue my practice which has always been my passion.

Specialist areas
I enjoy all aspects of my treatments and variety is the key for me. I can be a very firm therapist when it’s called for within the Deep Tissue and sports treatments or light and soothing as is required for the Aromatherapy treatments.

Joint mobility and pain relief;
I have had terrific success in alleviating pain and improving mobility in the joints of the elderly.

Varicose Ulcers;
I have used essential oils combined with massage to improve cellular healing and circulation to help the treatment of varicose ulcers.

Sports Injuries and injury prevention;
I have worked with rugby clubs and Olympic athletes as part of their injury prevention program as well as treating injuries post event

If we were a car we would have a regular MOT, service and oil change. A Massage is an MOT for the body. Relieving the stress and anxiety held within our muscles, easing the aches and pains, aiding in detoxification and stimulating the circulation. Helping us to become aware of what it feels like to be relaxed and be familiar with when our bodies are out of tune!
When you feel good you look good, which is the latest natural face lift!

If you are unsure of which treatment will suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to ring me and have an informal chat on 01392 826033 or 07557680256

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My massage from Gail is exquisite.  It shows her many years of experience in the field and her hands just instinctively ‘know where to go’.  I would recommend a treatment with her to anyone, a real treat if not essential to keep body and soul together.
GS   Exeter May 2016

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