Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Should a student be unable to attend a class or course for personal reasons or the college withdraws a student for lack of attendance or failure to deliver course work by required deadlines, they will have no claim to a reimbursement of the course fee or transfer to a later course. In such circumstances a student will be liable for full course fees. Exceptions may be made in the case of illness only on production of proof from a medical practitioner or consultant to arrive within 7 days of illness. Students who are ill without evidence need to pay a transfer fee to re-schedule their course. Students with children are advised to have supportive and reliable back up plans for children who may become ill whilst they attend the course.


The Devon Hotel is within walking distance of Basepoint and they have kindly offered our students a discounted bed and breakfast rate. Please mention Devon Academy when booking.


Your course handout, welcome pack, enrolment form, equal opportunity form and client consultation form will arrive by email upon enrolment.  Please make sure that the following email addresses are in your address book and safe senders group. gail@devonacademy.co.uk and info@devonacademy.co.uk.

Please complete all forms, scan and email back asap.

Please contact the office on 01392 826033 for administration or financial issues.

Attendance and time schedule

You will be expected to arrive at 8.30am ready to start at 8.45am each day of your course.  Courses finish between 4.00pm and 4.30pm each day.  However, on Sundays we endeavour to finish by 4pm where possible.  Lunch time and break times will vary and are fitted around the course, please bring a packed lunch!  As this is an intensive course, students are expected to attend every day of their course. Failure to attend for one day will result in your having to pay a transfer fee to reschedule your training, current transfer fee is £200 per day.

Cancellation of booking prior to commencement of course

Notification of a wish to cancel must be made as soon as possible by the person who made the original booking and should be in writing by RECORDED DELIVERY.

If you need to withdraw from the course for whatever reason once the online learning has commenced, you will not be eligible for a refund of course fees.  Where instalment payments have been agreed or a student is receiving government funding, payment for future instalments will still be required, in accordance with the signed agreement between the student and academy.

Very occasionally a course may be cancelled due to lack of numbers, where possible one month notice of cancellation will be given unless an emergency should arise. All course fees will be refunded in full.  Devon Academy will accept no responsibility for other costs incurred as a result of cancellation.  Please check cancellation policies with your accommodation providers when you book your accommodation.

Code of conduct

Students are expected to treat each other with politeness and respect at all times and when models are present to follow ITEC professional conduct recommendations and behave in a professional manner.


In the unlikely event that you need to complain about any aspect of the training which you have received from Devon Academy of Complementary Therapies, you must notify the principal in writing by recorded delivery within 48 hours of the activity giving rise to the complaint having occurred.

Contact Details

Address: Basepoint Business Centre, Yeoford Way, Marsh Barton, Exeter, EX2 8LB
Tel: 01392 826033
Email: info@devonacademy.co.uk

Course Fees

Course balances must be paid upon enrolment of the course, unless you have agreed to pay by instalments.  Payments made by calendar monthly instalments are subject to contract and must be paid on the agreed date by standing order, direct debit or Bacs. Course fee instalments are subject to contract and must be paid calendar monthly from the first payment made, late payment fees of £10 per week may be charged for overdue payments.  Failure to pay agreed instalments or make sufficient funds available may result in course dismissal or legal action. Cheques are no longer accepted at Devon Academy.

Delivery Policy

Most of our courses are made up of two parts: –

  • Theory – this consists of online units using Mindflash which is a cloud-based learning management solution. There will be a series of online training and test modules to be completed within specific timeframes. Please see your specific course welcome pack for details.
  • Practical – This will be done at Devon Academy’s training facility in Exeter. There will be a series of modules showing you and practicing your skills on models and other course attendees. You may also be required to practice at home and complete case studies. Again, please see your specific course welcome pack for details.

Door and Gate entry

Please note the main door is open from 8.00am until 5pm week days and on a time lock from 8am and will lock behind you after 4pm at the weekends make sure you do not get locked out after that time.  On leaving the building there is a green door release pad on the righthand side. Please note there is £180 fine for unnecessary use of the fire exits!


Course communications will be by email and the team will check their emails once a day. Please put our email address in your address book, or safe senders list and direct any admin queries to info@devonacademy.co.uk.  Please note, the consultation form is used for when you act as a model for your fellow students within the practical modules so should be completed as a client and undated.

Handouts will take the form of a PDF in order to reduce our carbon footprint and hard copies are no longer issued.

Examination Enrolment

Enrolments for examinations need to be submitted 12 weeks prior to the exam.  All students would normally be entered at this time.   Please be aware ladies that name changes cannot be accepted at this stage, your certificates must be in the same name as your initial course enrolment. Please check the spelling of your name on the examination paper and advise your invigilator and the principal if there is an error, failure to do so may result in ITEC charges if certificates require a change due to incorrect spelling errors.

Examination Fees

Examination fees are currently £125 (this may change without notice) and are due 12 weeks prior to the examination date and are not included in your course fee.

Where student’s examinations are postponed, or a student is withdrawn due to lack of academic ability, case study problems or lack of attendance, the examination fee will be forfeit.  Where ITEC credit conditions are satisfied i.e. Doctors note for ill health, a credit may be applied but admin charges of £50 will be charged.  Devon Academy takes no responsibility for ITEC decisions and will only re-enter students when a 2nd payment is made. Please pay exam fees either by BACS transfer card or cash on Module one, cheques are no longer acceptable for examination fees.

Grievance and Complaints Procedure

Devon Academy complaints and grievance procedure is available upon request from reception or by email via info@devonacademy.co.uk

Health Problems

If you have any health problems which may affect your performance or attendance on the course, please seek medical permission prior to attending the course, to ascertain your fitness and let us know in advance of attending your course.


ITEC are a government recognised and monitored examination board and stands for International Therapy Examination Council.  ITEC are also currently the only therapy exam board that send out external examiners and assess ability through externally marked theory exam papers. Their diplomas are recognised worldwide and are a recognised industry standard at NVQ Level 3 on both the QCA and Qualifications Curriculum Framework.  Where ITEC change their exam fees, syllabus or Recognised Prior Learning policies, with short notice Devon Academy can accept no responsibility for these changes.

In 2017 ITEC has been taken over by VTCT although we are assured that there will be no changes to standards or working practices in the foreseeable future and this change of management should make no difference to your course.

Learning difficulties and Health issues

Please advise your tutor of any learning difficulties or special needs prior to attending the course and inform your tutor on the first day.


Mindflash is a reliable online learning program which requires good internet access for its success.  If you find the program jumping or sticking it is usually your own computer that is the issue.  Please try using alternative browsers i.e Firefox, Internet explorer or Chrome and check from other laptops and iPads to resolve this temporary issue. Please also see your welcome email for Mindflash suggestions and tips.


Students must pass the theory mock examinations with at least 60% in order to sit the ITEC examination. Practical mocks on the last module and are supervised by the tutor under strict examination conditions and in full uniform etc.

Mocks usually take place on the last module and are supervised by the tutor under strict examination conditions or within the Mindflash online learning system where students provide exam conditions at home and are timed within the system.

Refund Policy

A full refund will ONLY be given if you change your mind within 7 days after enrolment and payment, providing you HAVE NOT started any of the online learning modules.

In summary, by starting any of the online learning modules with Devon Academy you agree with our terms and conditions as stated in your welcome pack.


Examination results normally come through 5 weeks after receipt of papers.  Students need to provide us with an A4 stamped addressed certificate envelope with 2 large 1st class stamps on it.  Results will be sent out straight away on arrival. Local students who wish to collect certificates must still provide an A4 hard backed certificate envelope.  Devon Academy will provide SAE at a charge £3.50. Devon Academy is not permitted to give results over the telephone or by email so please do not ring and ask!  In the unfortunate and rare event that your results should be lost in the post we can accept no responsibility for this and ITEC will charge you for a replacement certificate. Certificates with spelling mistakes must be returned to Devon Academy within 7 days of receipt and an admin charge of £10 will be levied.  ITEC may charge for a replacement certificate. It is advised that students check the spellings of their name on the exam paper to make sure it is correct.

Recognised Prior Learning – RPL

Students with a current (within 5 years) Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology certificate may not be required to retake this examination and may apply for an RPL. ITEC award 60% marks for RPL units, so do consider the overall effect on your grade before applying for this.

Sickness Policy

If you are sick or taken ill during the course, you will be required to:

  1. Inform the college at once of your illness by telephone on 01392 826033.
  2. Visit your GP and ask for a letter confirming illness and incapacity.
  3. Send this evidence to Devon Academy within seven working days.  Failure to do this may result in a student being dismissed from the course due to lack of attendance and breach T’s and C’s or being charged a transfer fee to occupy another place on the next available course.


Transfer from one course to another is not an option unless agreed in advance or under exceptional circumstances. Up to 50% transfer fees may be charged to occupy another place.  Transfer fees are payable in advance and are at the discretion of Devon Academy. Students who transfer to another course will forfeit any rights to a course refund for any reason at a later date.

Termination of agreement

Devon Academy may at any time by written notice terminate this agreement or suspend the performance of all or any of the obligations hereunder immediately and without liability for compensation if:

Any payment of any money payable by the Student to Devon Academy is not paid on the due date whether demanded or not;

The client is rude or abusive to a member of staff or otherwise undermines them, their advice or Devon Academy; or

In the opinion of Devon Academy there has been a breakdown of trust and confidence between the Student and Devon Academy.


Please check your Welcome Pack for course specific details.