Royal Orchid Facial Treatment

Gail Lowe – Royal Orchid FaciaFacial with cucumberl

I learned how to do my first facial in 1989 when I studied Aromatherapy with Shirley Price. I learned about the benefits of cleansing, toning and moisturising when I did the Duke of Edinburgh Award as a teenager and feel that the youthful appearance of your skin is maintained and enhanced with regular treatment.

Royal Orchid Facial a natural face lift!

A deep rebalancing facial, including cleansing, toning & moisturizing massage using organic oils, individually selected followed by a rebalancing mask or exfoliating mask & relaxing scalp & neck massage.

“Treatments and Gift Vouchers For Men and Women”

Royal Orchid Facial                                                                               45 minutes                              £40


Full body Massage with Royal Orchid Facial                              90 minutes                            £80


Aromatherapy Pampering and Royal Orchid Facial               90 Minutes                            £90


LaStone Therapy with Royal Orchid Facial                                90 Minutes                           £110