Registered and Accredited

Registered and Accredited

FHT Accredited course
FHT Accredited course

What does it mean to be registered?

Devon Academy has been a registered and accredited college since 2005.

  • ITEC Registered since 2005
  • FHT Accredited since 2009
  • ELCAS Accreditation achieved 2016

ITEC stands for International Therapy Examination Council and being registered to teach ITEC courses means that you can be sure your course is on the government Qualifications Curriculum Framework – QCF and is a recognised and accepted course within the industry both in the UK as well as Internationally. ITEC is considered to be the best of the Level 3 Qualifications within the industry as it is the only one accepted worldwide and the only one to send out external examiners.

ELCAS stands for Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)

The Ministry of Defence’s Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) is an initiative to encourage lifelong learning for members of the Armed Forces. The ELC scheme provides financial support (by means of an up-front payment) for higher level courses.

Devon Academy is an approved course provider for the MOD through the ELCAS scheme. We are here to help you through the ELCAS procedure every step of the way and will provide you with a named contact to guide you.

What does accredited mean?

Accredited means that our courses are also accredited and recognised by the beauty and massage industries main Professional bodies and once you are qualified you can join one of them to gain insurance and support. All ITEC courses are accredited with all of the Professional bodies: i.e FHT: CthA; AOR; BABTAC etc

Continual Professional Development or CPD is a requirement within the industry and it is no longer enough to pass your examination and become a therapist and never take another qualification. You are expected to accrue so many CPD points in any one year and this will depend on your professional body how many and how they expect you to acheive them.

Many of my workshops are accredited. Once you are qualified you are expected to acquire so many CPD points per year and Devon Academy will be awarded so many points for each of its CPD workshops.

Federation of Holistic Therapists – FHT