LaStone Therapy Treatment

LaStone therapy

Gail Lowe Lastone Therapist

I studied Stone Therapy with Jane Scrivener at LaStone Therapy in 2006 and have intrigued and delighted many patients with my Stone Therapy technique, combining hot basalt and cold marble stones with crystals to rebalance the chakra’s; energize the body and to deliver a deep therapeutic, relaxing and rebalancing massage

I also teach ITEC Level 3 Stone Therapy Diploma Courses at Devon Academy in Exeter and I am also a Consultant advisor for book publishers and have reviewed stone therapy books.

 “The balance is in the hot and cold not just hot stone on its own”

Experience the American Indian practice of using hot and cold stones combined with gentle relaxation movements and deep breathing to induce the deepest levels of relaxation, rebalancing and eliminating negative energy.

“It is a truly mind, body and spiritual experience”Piezo

  • 47 stones of various shapes and size are applied to relieve the pressure on the body.
  • Every movement with the stones is the equivalent to 10 normal massage movements.
  • The intensity of the treatment and its relaxing benefits can last for up to several days

LaStone Therapy Treatment and Gift Vouchers

LaStone Therapy Treatment   Allow 75 minutes               £70


Lastone Therapy Treatment with Royal Orchid Facial Allow 90 minutes £110


or give me a ring to have an informal chat on 01392 826033