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ITEC Level 3 Massage Diploma Course

Gail Lowe Massage ClassUK Accreditation: QAN 600/5503/0

ITEC Level 3 Massage Diploma

“I have been training students of all ages and all walks of life to become Massage Therapists for thirteen years and I am still really passionate and enthusiastic to teach you how to become the best therapist you can be!”

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  • I am a massage therapist with over thirty years experience with a nursing background who specializes in “short massage courses” for men and women of all ages and walks of life who are looking to change their career!
  • Many of my students are “living their dream” having passed their exams with me and are now running their own successful businesses at home and abroad in some exotic locations, in sports, massage, spa and beauty industries as well as alongside GP’s other allied therapies and in hospices within the NHS.
  • No experience necessary, this course is the foundation of the whole massage industry and includes all the “core subjects”. All you need to know to successfully seek employment as a massage therapist or set up your own business!
  • This course can be done alongside your full time employment and you need to be able to allocate at least 5 hours per week for the AP&P systems and course work during the course and 10 hours prior to attending your first practical for the theory Massage units as well as finding at least 15 willing clients to be your case studies.

Part time short course
Massage exam 14Start the theory online now and either join a group practical course at weekends or arrange a bespoke “one to one” course during the week!

  • The theory units and assignments are online, they are very visual, I explain the presentations, test you with quizzes, show you video’s and tell little stories to help remember the more difficult parts of the Anatomy and Physiology
  • Attend classroom based practical sessions over 3 weekends in Exeter where I can bring the subject alive for you, polish your skills and apply the AP&P in a more meaningful way!
  • Let me share my experience, show you my excellent techniques and help you with your muscle knowledge!

The course includes the following units and you will need to attend a modular 6 day course for the practical in Exeter or I do a bespoke 4 day course for those who can’t attend the dates of the group classes!

  1. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology – core unit
  2. Business Plan Assignment – core unit
  3. Complementary Therapies Assignment – Core unit
  4. Complete 16 massage case studies and 20 individual treatments

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology can be studied before or during your course, in fact it is easier to study as part of the course because I bring the muscles etc alive in the classroom and apply it to your practical for the Oral questions in the examination.

Click here for FREE sample!Gail Lowe Massage practical class

Once completed you can then specialise and attend further ITEC training in Sports Massage: Aromatherapy: Reflexology: Indian Head Massage or Stone Therapy.

Add new skills and attend Continual Professional Development workshops in Deep Tissue Massage: Onsite: Facial for Therapists: Facial Acupressure: Thai Foot Massage: Advanced Massage Courses; Japanese hand Massage: Stretching etc

If you have any questions or want an informal chat!

Can’t find the right dates, I do bespoke courses as well during the week for £1400!

Ring me on 01392 826033

Start your theory online now ready for practical course is starting in:

Body Massage Jul-18 W/E FTBM54 Normal Price
Module 1 Sat 21st July 18 to Sunday 22nd July 18 £1,200
Module 2 Sat 29th Sept 18 to Sunday 30th Sept 18 5 x £240
Module 3 Sat 10th Nov 18 to Sunday 11th Nov 18 Ist payment
Examination Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th Dec 18 non refundable
 3 Early Bird places discounted to £999 only available until 14th July 2018
£999 Early Bird discount. Click Buy Now button below:
£1200 in 5 instalments of £240.  Click Subscribe button below:

Body Massage Aug-18 W/E FTBM55 Normal Price
Module 1 Sat 11th Aug 18 to Sunday 12th Aug 18 £1,200
Module 2 Sat 20th Oct 18 to Sunday 21st Oct 18 5 x £240
Module 3 Sat 1st Dec 18 to Sunday 2nd Dec 18 Ist payment
Examination Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th Dec 18 non refundable
 3 Early Bird places discounted to £999 only available until 31st July 2018
£999 Early Bird discount. Click Buy Now button below:
£1200 in 5 instalments of £240.  Click Subscribe button below:

To enrol and pay you can:

  • Download the Enrolment form enrolment form here and send it by email
  • Ring 01392 826033 and pay by card over the telephone
  • Pay by BACS transfer, ring 01392 826033 for details
  • Click the PAYPAL button below

Click below to pay all at once for your Body Massage course £999

£1200 in 5 instalments of £240.  Click Subscribe button below:


Please note that this price includes all course tuition and not the exam fee £125 ,or  uniform, books etc

PS. You will need to buy a couch for your case studies at home.

For more dates click here!

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