ITEC Level 3 Complementary Therapies Diploma

ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies

is an umbrella diploma which includes Massage: Aromatherapy and Reflexology diploma courses.

Start your theory online learning today ready for your first practical classroom based module in Exeter!

Comprises of the following 6 mandatory units with 520 hours of Guided Learning

Unit 380                 Body Massage for Complementary Therapies
Unit 383                 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Theory
Unit 384                 Complementary Therapies Assignment
Unit 385                 Business Practice Assignment
Unit 381                 Reflexology for Complementary Therapies
Unit 382                Aromatherapy for Complementary Therapies

Students are recommended to start with the Massage diploma and take the three core units, AP&P: Business and Complementary Therapy assignments at the same time.  The massage diploma has less case studies and treatments to be completed than the Aromatherapy and Reflexology diploma which are more practical and course work heavy.

The complementary therapy diploma should be taken over a period of 18 months to 2 years. The theory units are through online learning classes and the practical course is classroom based in Exeter over 2 days modules either at weekends or during the week.  There are three modules spread out over a 3 to 6 month period and it is recommended that you start your online theory units as ealry as possible and at least one month before attending your practical course, so that we can bring the theory alive in the classroom.

Practical modules are specifically tied together to enable us to enrol a maximum of 12 students onto each one. Once your practical is booked you will not be permitted to transfer to another course and occupy a second place without incurring transfer fees.

Once the Massage diploma has been taken and passed students would then move onto either the Reflexology or Aromatherapy course in the knowledge that the core subjects have also been completed.  Given the nature of the intensive fast track courses that Devon Academy runs it is not advisable to study more than one subject at one time although we are quite happy for you to start your next discipline after exams have been taken and before the results have arrived.

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