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ITEC Level 3 Aromatherapy Diploma Course

Aromatherapy Diploma

UK Accreditation: QAN 600/5505/4

“Doing massage with Grapeseed oil for me, was a bit like having Spaghetti Bolognese without the sauce!

  • Aromatherapy is my passion, selecting and blending oils individually for each client is so rewarding and effective!
  • I have 30 years experience of using the oils where I have blended topical applications for skin conditions, shampoos for hair loss and alopecia, compresses for varicose ulcers, among many other conditions as well as blending aromas for my clients and applying them through relaxing and detoxifying massage techniques.
  • All my students benefit from my ground breaking experiences and I share many of my own recipes and blends. Gail Lowe Principal and course tutor.

If you want to become an Aromatherapist, blending oils individually, making your own products and have a really exciting and satisfying career then look no further!

Aromatherapy Course
Devon Academy – Exeter

Over the years Aromatherapy has been dumbed down and many practitioners call themselves Aromatherapists when using pre-blended oils and doing Aromatherapy under supervision only!

In this diploma you will learn how to select from 42 different essential oils; 19 different carriers and use them in many different ways for your clients and you can set up your own business with this qualification!

Have some Questions?  Why not ring and have an informal chat with Gail on 01392 826033!  

Part time Course – Start your theory online Now! Check practical dates below:
Start the theory elearning online now, ready for your first practical module of the course!

  • You need no previous experience and can study all the theory units online, then focus on attending class for the practical sessions where I can bring the subject alive for you!

You will need to study the following units and attend a modular 8 day course for the practical and blending tuition (see course dates) or also I do a bespoke course for those who can’t attend the dates of the group class!

  1. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology – core unit
  2. Business Plan Assignment – core unit
  3. Complementary Therapies Assignment – core unit
  4. Aromatherapy Theory – specialist unit
  5. Essential Oil Assignment – specialist unit
  6. Complete 36 case studies;15  individual treatments and 9 other methods of use

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology can be studied before or during as part of your Aromatherapy course.
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Aromatherapy kit

40 Essential Oils
5 Carriers
2 Plastic cups
Glass stirring rod
Wooden practitioner box

To order please ring 01392 826033

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  • On completion this qualification will allow you to gain insurance, set up your own clinic and perform every aspect of your treatment on your own clients from the moment you receive your certificate. The ITEC course is government recognised and accredited by all Professional bodies.

Can’t find the right dates, I do bespoke courses as well! Ring me on 01392 826033.

Start your theory online ready for the Next Practical Course date which starts in Oct 2017:

Aromatherapy Oct-17 FTARX23
Module 1 Thursday 26th Oct 17 to Friday 27th Oct 17 £1000/£949
Module 2 Thursday 16th Nov 17 to Friday 17th Nov 17
Module 3 Thursday 18th Jan 18 to Friday 19th Jan 18
Module 4 Thursday 22nd Mar 18 to Friday 23rd Mar 18
Examination Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th April 18


Aromatherapy Feb-18 FTAR24
Module 1 Thursday 8th Feb 18 to Friday 9th Feb 18 1000/£949
Module 2 Thursday 5th April 18 to Friday 6th April 18
Module 3 Thursday 7th June 18 to Friday 8th June 18
Module 4 Thursday 9th August 18 to Friday 10th August 18
Examination Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd Sept 18

Aromatherapy course for all units listed above £949:

Aromatherapy course can be purchased in 4 instalments over 4 months by subscription £1000

Please note course payments are for tuition only and do not include ITEC exam fees, uniform books etc