Full Body Massage Treatment

gAIL 100Gail Lowe – Therapeutic Massage

I was nursing for eight years before I qualified as a therapist in 1986 in London with Prof. Arnold Taylor who founded ITEC.  I was the first massage therapist in Barnstaple at the time and luckily because of my medical background was given much support, encouragement and recommendations from local GP’s and hospital staff and soon built an excellent reputation as a therapist.

“Dance around the body, relieving stress and soothing aches and pains”

If you were a car you would have an MOT and regular service, I feel that massage is a vital MOT for the body and allows us time to recharge and get in touch with how our body feels and how bad the aches and pains really are.  We forget easily what relaxation feels like and very few of us make any time for ourselves at all.

A natural face lift comes from within! We spend so much time on the way we look, hair nails, skin colour that we forget that how we feel, radiates outwards. If we’re stressed we will be in pain and feel very tired which reflects in the way we look.

I have had much success in improving the mobility of the elderly; relieving stress and consequently headaches, aches and pains and lower back pain.

“Let my fingers do the walking, and reach the parts other therapists miss”

I have treated thousands of clients and have developed a skill which lets my fingers do the walking.  I can tend to be quite a firm massage therapist but if you like a lighter touch please let me know as all treatments are adapted to the client’s needs and pain threshold so that your treatment is just as you would want it.

Physically a massage will:

  • Relax the muscles and alleviate aches and pains, improving joint mobility
  • Stimulate the circulation, aid in detoxification and lymph drainage
  • Improve the look of the skin and its tonicity and recovery from illness
  • Promote healing, revitalizing and energising

Mentally a massage will:

  • Leave you sense of wellbeing, feeling calm and relaxed

Massage Treatments and Gift Vouchers!

Full Body Massage Treatment:
Allow 75 minutes £50


Full Body Massage with a Royal Orchid Facial  Allow 90 minutes £80


or please ring me for an informal chat on 01392 826033 to discuss your treatment needs!