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CPD – Facial Acupressure


Accredited by the FHT  Tutor: Gail Lowe – “One of my favourite treatments”Facial acupressure 4

I learned this amazing technique from a Chinese tutor in London back in the 1980’s.  It was a very complex treatment but extremely interesting and applied pressure to many of the acupressure points on the face. 

In recent years I have also discovered that many of these same points alleviate the fascia which links too  many of the other parts of the body. 

When we become stressed the muscles of the face suffer more than anywhere else and as there are somany face muscles we can look much older when we are suffering from tension and anxiety this is why the face massage is known as:

“The Natural Face Lift”

This is a perfect accompaniment for body massage as well as a standalone treatment.

  • During the course I will demonstrate the Acupressure routine and you will have the opportunity to both practice and receive it, so that you can learn from both experiences.
  • We will discuss the features and benefits of the treatment as well as a short background on the very oriental origins
  • I will go through the different muscles we are working over and try and make them more memorable for you and easier to learn. Muscle knowledge is vital if a you want to demonstrate skill, knowledge and professionalism to the client.
  • I will show you the different areas of the body that are represented on the face, so that you can focus your attention on certain areas to adapt the treatment for each individual client.

    FHT Accredited course
    FHT Accredited course

Please bring:

  • Pen and paper
  • Wear Uniform
  • 2 Towels – 1 bath, 1 small hand,
  • Antibacterial hand wash

Available as either a:

  • Group session (see course dates for details) 10am–1pm or 2pm–5pm
  • One to One bespoke course any weekday 10am–1pm or 2pm–5pm £100

Certificate of attendance will be awarded on completion of the course

Please revise the skin prior to attendance!

Next course date:

Facial Acupressure Wednesday 15th November 17 CPD 10 – 1pm £69