CPD – Essential Oil Workshop


A fun relaxing session where we can discuss the use of other essential oils and carriers!   Gail shares her thirty years experience and knowledge of some of the most useful and fragrant oils in her collection!

  • Pre- requisite; Level 3 Aromatherapy diploma
  • Learn about the therapeutic properties and nature of different essential oils that were maybe not included in your course syllabus.
  • An opportunity to use these oils in different methods during the day and discuss possible side effects.
  • Essential Oils; Aroma, therapeutic properties, contraindications, botanical families, nature and of he following essential Oils; Coriander; Lime; Linden Blossom; May Chiang; Melissa; Pine etc
  • Carrier oils; Aloe Vera; Calendula; Rosehip; etc
  • Problem solving; an opportunity to discuss problems and issues that may be occurring within your practice
  • A certificate of attendance will be issued upon successful completion of the day!

Course Date to be arranged; please email your interest to info@devonacademy.co.uk

What to bring:

  • Wear Uniform
  • 2 bath sheet towels
  • Antiseptic Hand gel
  • Copy of your Aromatherapy diploma

Certificates of Attendance will be issued on the day

See HERE for CPD course dates or call Gail on 01392 826033