CPD – Deep Tissue Massage – Back, shoulders and neck

Back, Shoulders and Neck

FHT Accredited -20 points awarded

FHT Accredited course
FHT Accredited course

If I had to choose one CPD course to recommend to massage therapists this would be the one I would choose. For massage therapists this course allows you to add some valuable skills and techniques to get deeper into the neck and shoulders and to learn an effect and professional buttock treatment for lower back pain! A “bread and butter”treatment for all Body work practitioners.  Most employers are looking for their therapists to have Deep Tissue skills!

Given that 70% of the population have lower back problems it’s a must for any therapeutic massage therapist to be able to deeply massage the lower back and buttock area. I teach you deeper massage techniques for the shoulder and neck as well, all the areas that your clients are going to suffer problems with!

  • Improve your understanding, skill and efficacy in the treatment of many muscle disorders, of the lower back, hips, shoulders and neck.
  • Increase your muscle knowledge and the importance of treating origins, belly and points of insertion including the treatment of Piriformis Syndrome; Sciatica, Illio-tibial Tract Syndrome as well as Rotator Cuff Injuries, Torticollis etc
  • Learn deeper massage and manipulation techniques, muscle stripping, neuromuscular techniques & trigger point movements for release of neck tension.
  • A stepping stone, introduction & preparation towards the Sports Massage Training.

Please bring:000_0085

  • Antibacterial Hand Gel
  • 2 Towels (bath sheets)
  • 1 small hand towel
  • Wear Uniform
  • Copy of massage diploma

Available as either a:

  • 2 day group session (see course dates for details)
  • One to One bespoke course any weekday

Certificate of attendance will be awarded on completion of the course 

Please revise muscles prior to attendance!

Next course dates:

See HERE for CPD course dates or call Gail on 01392 826033