CPD – Advanced Massage – Shoulder



FHT Accredited course
FHT Accredited course

I have been working in the industry for over 30 years now and have developed a good understanding and effective technique for treating shoulder problems which I share with my students on this workshop!”

  • A journey into the deeper layers of the shoulder to improve your understanding, skill and efficacy in the treatment of shoulders injuries like Rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis etc
  • Increase your muscle knowledge and the importance of treating all the muscle groups that work together to stabilise this complicated joint.
  • Learn deeper massage techniques, knuckling, and body shift techniques, cross fibre frictions, neuromuscular techniques and different approaches to different muscles.
  • Learn an effective massage of the chest and ribs to treat the antagonistic muscles as well.
  • An invaluable course to work with Gail in close quarters and share in her knowledge and expertise to hone your skill in the treatment of shoulder issues.
A good shoulder massage requires more muscle knowledge and techniques than is usually taught within the Holistic or Body massge course! In order to be effective with a shoulder treatment you need to have an understanding of which muscle groups are working together in this area and how to treat them!

Please bring:           Rotator-Cuff-Diagram

  • Pen and Paper
  • 2 Towels (bath sheets)
  • Wear Uniform
  • Copy of your massage Diploma

Certificate of attendance will be awarded on completion

Please revise muscles, circulation, and lymphatic prior to attendance!

Next Course:

Tuesday 5th March 2019  1/2 day 10-1pm £79