Complementary Therapies Diploma


ITEC Level 3 – QAN 600/4895/5

ITEC is considered the best exam board in the UK, it is a government recognised exam board and is also the only qualification accredited and accepted worldwide and is considered the best industry qualification and is currently the only board to offering external examination.

Devon Academy specialises in “Fast track intensive courses” which have proved to be very effective and successful with over 2700 students over the last 14 years. We have a consistent 100% pass rate and low drop out rate. We specialise in training mature students and our students do require self discipline and methodical organisational skills combined with enthusiasm and passion for the subject. Please consider carefully whether this form of teaching will suit your learning and current lifestyle.

The Level 3 Complementary Therapies Diploma is an all round qualification, giving you a full understanding of 3 of the main therapies in the industry and including all the core subjects necessary to understand and set up your own successful business.  You do not need any previous experience to enroll onto this course.

 See units below:

Unit 380; Body Massage

Unit 381; Reflexology

Unit 382; Aromatherapy

Unit 383;  Anatomy Physiology and Pathology

Unit 384; Complementary Therapies Assignment

Unit 385; Business Practice Assignment

Unit 386: Healthy Eating and Well-Being  (optional unit)

“My advice is to study the Massage Diploma first with all of the core units then progress to the Reflexology and Aromatherapy afterwards”


• Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (core subject)
• Business Assignment (core subject)
• Complementary Therapies Assignment (core subject)

• Massage Theory
• Massage Practical ( Case studies 16 + 20 Individual Treatments = 36)

• Aromatherapy Practical (CS 36 + 15 IT + 9 Other Methods of Use = 60)
• Aromatherapy Theory
• Essential Oil Assignment

• Reflexology Practical ( CS 40 + 60 Individual Treatments = 100)
• Reflexology Theory
• Healthy Eating and well being Assignment (optional)

The course is designed to start with the Body massage course first, including the 3 core subjects. After completion of the massage unit you will proceed to specialise in the Reflexology or Aromatherapy unit, studying one at a time, using the knowledge acquired within the core units to assist in your further studies.

Please be aware that whilst the theory of this course is through online e learning and you have 24 hour access to this, the practical dates are engraved in stone and if you need to transfer or postpone for any reason then transfers fees will be incurred to occupy another place on another course.

It is recommended that the course is studied over a maximum of 18 months to 2 years allowing 6 months for the completion of each subject and to give time for booking onto the 3 practical courses involved.

Course fee:

The fee for this course if paid all at once is:

  • £2700 excluding exam fees or you can pay
  • £3000 in 6 instalments of £500

please ring Gail on 01392 826033 to discuss other options.