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ITEC Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Diploma Course

AP&P at Accredited Massage Training
AP&P at Accredited Massage Training

ITEC Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Course

I teach one of the most thorough and interesting online Level 3 AP&P courses recognised by the government framework in the industry. I include lots of little stories and hints to make you laugh, as you learn.

Classroom based courses are available upon enquiry – ring 01392 826933

Warning: Please check that your course, before you enrol on it, is
accepted and is a government recognised qualification, as there are many
expensive in-house courses being sold and advertised by FE colleges that are accredited but are NOT recognised by anyone! Result being that you would need to do this unit again when you continue with your legitimate training.

I never found learning easy, so if you are a visual learner, you will love this program! I use my nursing background to teach you a few simple Latin words, some you will already know like gastric: cardio: osteo: to help you understand what you are learning and what it means, it’s easier, if you understand it and also fascinating.

Gail’s Tip: Make it part of your life; get the family involved, the kids love the skeleton. Chase them with your Phalanges? Pucker up your Orbicularis oris!

Government recognised and accredited course! 100% pass rate, below 5% drop out rate.

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Easy monthly payment plan or pay a discounted rate for the whole course.

Based on the ITEC syllabus 2016 this course is compatible with any of the other Level 3 AP&P courses and many VTCT and City and Guilds students have passed those exams after completing this course.

  • Whether you’re planning a career in nursing, as a sports trainer, kinesiology; equine; phlebotomist; shiatsu practitioner or any career requiring an Anatomy and Physiology qualification you can do this course with us.

    Innovative Fun but Professional learning
    Innovative Fun but Professional learning
  • Living abroad and can’t get to Exeter for the exam! Why not contact a local college near you and arrange to take either their paper at home or have an ITEC paper sent to them for invigilation and exam!
  • Accredited by the FHT as a Qualification in its own right!  You don’t have to sit an ITEC exam at the end of it, unless you need a recognised qualification, you can take your mock online and print your own certificate after each system to provide evidence of achievement for your records.
  • Study this unit on its own or as part of the Body Massage; Reflexology or Aromatherapy Course, its easier as part of these courses as we bring it alive in the classroom and make it real.
  • Just for Fun to test your knowledge and brush up your knowledge for revision
  • This qualification is a recognised and accredited level 3 course which can be found on the government Qualifications Curriculum Framework – QCF and is recognised worldwide. UK Accreditation: QAN 600/5510/8

Why not ring and have an informal chat with Gail on 01392 826033.

About the online course

  • A variety of teaching methods are used; presentations: video clips: audio: quizzes: handouts and pictures.
  • Each programme can be repeated as often as you like and quizzes retaken
  • Recommend time for revision before each quiz to achieve the required 60%.
  • Full tutor support given throughout.
  • Certificates to print when you pass each system.

Course Content

  • 13 systems of the body including: Skeletal: Muscular: Cells: Tissues: Skin: Endocrine: Lymphatic: Nervous: Respiratory: Cardiovascular: Reproductive: Urinary: Digestive:
  • Assignment to include Structure; Function and 2 diseases for 11 systems –  AP&P Assignment Guidance
  • 7 Revision programs
  • Mock examination and ITEC exam in Exeter (please note exam fee is not included in this price)

ELCAS Funding is available to military personnel only for this course

Buy the whole course now! £249        

Buy the course over six calendar monthly payment plan ££50

Upgrade your old AP&P qualification with my online elearning program £200

If you have an old AP&P qualification prior to 2013 you will find the industry due to new government guidelines on the 1st Sept 2016 has moved on and requires current knowledge within 5 years. Resulting in your qualification not being accepted.

Devon Academy AP&P package is only available to students who can produce evidence of past AP&P study and qualification and is not open or suitable for complete beginners. (Evidence must be supplied prior to enrolment)


  • Three months access to the online learning program including 13 systems
  • PDF Colour Handout
  • Marking of AP&P assignment
  • Online mock exam and 7 revision units prior to examination
  • Price includes group exam fee (ring the office for date)
  • Bespoke exam fee is available for £30 extra for a week day exam in Exeter

Not sure then please ring me to have a chat on 01392 826033

Click here for the ITEC syllabus

What the students say!

  • I completed the course then took the VTCT exam got 80% fantastic, couldn’t have done it without you! – 2016
  • I took the course over the internet and took a Level 3 exam in my own country back home, thank you. – July 2016
  • This was great and will be especially useful as a quick revision tool.
  • Very good and easy to follow.
  • I enjoyed the presentation (and will do the skeletal next!)
  • Again, really useful and much needed for all those muscles! It is as interactive as it needs to be.
  • So much to learn!! But this presentation helps enormously.
  • Clear, concise presentation, easy to follow.
  • I found the You Tube “rap” the least interesting and of use, but the final You Tube clip of the stages of mitosis very interesting and useful.
  • Just so good!  Your “pilbury dough” reference made me smile!
  • Very useful and loved your stories which helped me remember