4 Easy Steps To Improve Your Massage Skill

4 easy steps to improve your massage skill!


Do you want to be memorable to your clients and have them come back time and time again because the treatment you offer is good and better than your competitors?

What makes a good treatment is the million dollar question and I think you’ll agree it’s a combination of things.


  1. One of them certainly though is good coverage. It is so frustrating to be lying there with a therapist who has a lovely touch, good pressure and skill, but they only ever go up as far as the shoulders of the back and never right the way up and over the top. Or they come up the leg and stop before they reach the top. I have a phrase for those therapists “inside leg shy”.

The other therapists are those who come down the leg but never over the foot or around the shoulders but not up the neck. Why does this happen and do you recognise yourself as one of them?

Is your coverage good enough?

  1. Sometimes it’s the towel management that’s at fault, the towel needs to be tucked into the pant line but also making sure that we can get to the head of femur of the leg.

The underwear the client is wearing makes a huge difference and I prefer a client to be wearing a nice large pair of “Bridget Jones” pants or a sensible pair of briefs for the men.

Thongs are ok but are normally so skimpy as to make tucking a towel into the elastic impossible. How many of us have tentatively tried to discreetly roll up the legs on a pair of boxers to be able to find the thigh of our male clients.

  1. Also positioning of the legs is vital we need to spread those legs discreetly. When you come to cleaning the feet you can spread the legs half way with discretion without causing the client to panic!

Then when you reach the legs during your treatment, just firmly and confidently move the legs as wide as you can, making sure the towel which is folded in half is firmly tucked down the middle ensuring that only the leg you are massaging is uncovered and the other leg, femoral triangle and thigh is covered completely maintaining decency and allowing us to do our job effectively.

  1. There is also an absolute no, no with regard to technique, we are always going to take our effleurage of the thigh up on the top of the rectus femoris in the middle and back down the inside of the leg and never do it the other way around. Otherwise your clients will feel your hand coming up the inside of the thigh and lie there wondering just how far up you are going to go.

This happened to me in a 5 star hotel in Malaysia, after being lubricated with enough oil to fry fish and listening to these two therapists jabbering to one another for 15 minutes probably about “what to have for tea” this therapist came all the way up the inside thigh, bringing tears to my eyes.

Whether it was lack of training, inexperience or lack of attention, I can tell you I never hung around to find out what other little gems she had up her sleeve and promptly got of the couch and left!

Coverage and finish is vital! We need to remind ourselves that going up the middle of the back and coming down the sides of the body feels nicer than just going up and down the middle of the back in the same place.

Effleurage up the leg and back underneath feels so much nicer with a foot cuddle and firm squeeze as a full stop at the end.

It’s the punctuation in our treatments that added extra polish and finish that communicates with the client where you are and what your intention is.  Allowing them to drift off nicely into oblivion in the comfort that we know exactly what we are doing and they are in safe hands!

Please let me have your comments and if you have any topic’s you would like me to cover or burning questions answered in my Blog do let me know!

March 8, 2018

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