CPD – Onsite Seated Massage


FHT Accredited – Tutor: Gail Lowe Onsite

 Any time! Any place! Anywhere!

I have been teaching this really effective technique for over 30 years and it would definitely be in my top 3 recommended CPD courses for any qualified massage therapist. There is no need for any specialist equipment, any stool or chair will do and there are often situations as a therapist when you need to  think out of the box and this massage technique allows you to do that.

  • On – site massage as its name suggests can be performed sitting in a chair anywhere at any time and requires no special equipment. It is a very useful technique for any therapist to use at exhibitions, in an office environment, for pregnant ladies and the elderly who have difficulty climbing onto or lying prone on the couch.
  • The unique sitting position of your client enables you to very effectively treat muscles of the shoulder and neck such as the supraspinatus, trapezius, splenius capitus muscles etc.       Muscles which when lying down can often be over looked and difficult to access.
  • A versatile treatment which may be performed prior to more traditional massage to increase efficacy.
  • You will be taught 2 massage techniques, one through clothes for use in public and an oil treatment for use in private surroundings!
  • Using a combination of classical and deep tissue movements that are very suitable to add to an Indian Head Massage technique to really work more effectively on lactic acid crystals and muscular adhesions.

Please bring:

FHT Accredited course
FHT Accredited course
  • Uniform;
  • 1 large bath sheet towel;
  • Antibacterial hand wash
  • Certificate to verify qualification

Available as either a:

  • Group session (see course dates for details) 10am–1pm or 2pm–5pm
  • One to One bespoke course any weekday

Certificate of attendance will be issued upon successful completion of the course!

Next Course Date:

*Onsite/ Seated Tuesday 12th Feb 19 1/2 day 10-1pm  £  79.00